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As a professional ski race coach, owner, Shane Burdett was able to view hundreds-upon-hundreds of hours of videos of skiers training and racing - and one thing began to become abundantly clear:

‘Ski racers were doing everything right 9 times out of 10… But their skis weren’t’

"It was then I began to be fixated with getting skis to the point where they were never going to let the skiers down. And I did that by going back to basics". 'In this business, you don't have to change much - to change everything, and as per normal the devil is in the detail."

Learning to become a professional ski tuner (and boot-fitter) in 1991, Shane slowly-but-surely began to perfect the art/science of ski tuning and after years of research invested in the state-of-the-art Wintersteiger Tuning equipment and in 2007 Opened Transition Tuning in Smiggin Holes - to much lauding within the Ski Racing community.

His results began speaking for themselves when he witnessing that his clients were beginning to climb onto the podium again and again.

‘A ski racing ‘career’ implies that it’s a steady path, but the ‘career’ of a ski racer is a series of one-off events - nearly all which have to be exectuted perfectly’.

In May this year Shane re-located to Jindabyne township "To be exactly where my clients are going to most need me -WHEN they most need me - even if that means working late into the night"; refitting a shop on Thredbo Terrace; re-branding and re-thinking his business, and heavily investing in Waxfuture 'deep-waxing' technology.

"Waxing is like brewing beer-or anything else, if you do it quickly the results just aren't going to be anything special. Wax-Future takes over 45 minutes to do its thing, but the results are self-evident. For other ski-shops to use this technology just isn't going to be profitable - it's prety-much for skiers who take this sport pretty damn-seriously."

Shane has also added an enormous amount of ski-race equipment as well, from helmets, skis, boots, poles and protective equipment, stocking brand like: poc; Scott Leki, plus a huge range of Swix and Leki waxing and tuning equipment - for skiers on the circuit - when they're away from home.

‘It is important that my skis are always super-fast and tuned to perfection. I have won the top-to-bottom race twice thanks to Shane's tuning’

- Sami Kennedy-Simm