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RACE TUNE Full tune • Hand-tuned edges • Ultra-wax*
FULL-TUNE Base repair • Base grind • Edge Sharpening • Ultra-wax*
HALF-TUNE Base grind • Edge sharpening • Ultra-wax*
QUARTER-TUNE Edge Sharpening • Ultra-wax*
PRE-RACE TUNE Edge Polishing • Ultra-wax*
JUNIOR RACE TUNE Edge polishing • Ultra-wax*
HAND-TUNING As an hourly rate .
*ULTRA-WAX Combines a two wax-procedure: Hydro Flouro Carbon Wax - and then a Cera-F High-Speed Wax


If you want to get the best results - you have to use the best equipment in the world. Our Wintersteiger machines are the cutting -edge (pun intended) of the our field. Each ski goes through a base-repair, base-grind and edge -grind with absolute precision (we don't lke the word 'grind' either!) - removing virtually microscoping amounts of base and edge.

‘Our wintersteiger machines have allowed us to turn an art into a science’.


The latest race proven waxing technology with the highest requirements for far better gliding and protection properties. Any wax on the market can be applied to the bases without any direct ski contact or temperature shock.

The WAX FUTURE glides at variable speed over the base and allows the wax to penetrate deep into the polyethylene base. Wax saving compared with conventional wax methods is up to 90%. Based on an optimized wax application you will get a higher wax penetration and absorption which results in long lasting gliding capacity of the ski and snowboard bases especially with hard waxes. The even distribution of the temperature over the whole ski leads to a homogeneous wax penetration.

You'll never come back from the Future!