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THe Racers Edge stand-by Head and Fischer skis, just like head and Fischer skis have stood by our clients: Some things are hard to explain, but when coaching in the 1990s the link between Head, fischer and succes was too much of coincidence to ignore. Both Head and fischer skis are made of higher-quaility substrates, and handle the waxing process better then any brands that Shane has came accross.

We stock the finest performance skis on the market. If you settle for second-best. That's what you get.

Relatively recently HEAD have entered the ski-boot industry. Using a softly-softly approach, YEARS of research have gone into creating - what we feel to be - the best racing boot in the market. Having spent years as a professional boot fitter, Shane knows what he's talking about, and stands both in - and by - these boots.

We have in-store a new range of Komperdell poles, well worth a look at. These poles do have a weel-designed grip-system which can be VERY handy in wetter condtions.

Helmets have come a long way, but we protective qualites-aside, we just love the fact that these helmets are so cool. Available in a range of colours, styles and sizes, poc helmets have taken the industry by storm.

poc put years of research into the design of each helmet, so rest-assured the protective abilities of these helmets are un-parrelled.

The main-stays of the Ski Industry. Come and check out our range of Scott procucts now!

What you want in this business are two things: A product you can stake your reputation-on and a product that you can swear by. If you think waxes are all the same guess again. Thousand up thousands hours of testing has gone into these waxes which offer two main qualities we look for durability and glide-a-billity.

We stock, SWIX, Toko and Holmencol waxes, all which come with some good advice fom us.